Grow is a charity-based project founded in 2020 by a small group of students at the University of Exeter. Our exciting new project aims to provide stability and a better quality of life for children in rural Cambodia; these children are at risk due to the impact of climate change on the food supply. We have highlighted some of the key reasons why our help is needed below. 


58 million children in Asia live in areas prone to drought, a result of climate change. Flooding and drought cause mass crop failure, resulting in hunger, a rise in child mortality, and loss of income.


Economic problems within Cambodia mean that it is in the top 10 countries in the world most vulnerable to climate change. In 2015, the country lost $1.5 billion – 10% of its GDP – from the negative effects of climate change.


To cope with economic problems and rising food scarcity, children are often taken out of school in order to work, with 250,000 children in rural Cambodia currently not in education. This results in an increase in child mortality due to exhaustion and exploitation.


Sadly, climate disasters often cause mass migration, which results in overcrowding. This leads to poor water and sanitation conditions, made even more detrimental in the current climate of COVID-19

Our mission

Grow, alongside charity partners in Cambodia, will work to develop climate-resilient gardens in Cambodian community schools, providing a more sustainable food source. This will not only allow children to remain in school, but also incentivise attendance.  


We are currently in the process of raising money for project expansion, having launched our pilot program in September 2021. 

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Sustainable Cambodia

We are partnered with Sustainable Cambodia, a charity organisation based in rural Cambodia. Their aim is to empower rural Cambodian families by helping them create a sustainable quality of life.

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Enactus Exeter

Grow is run in affiliation with Enactus Exeter, a social enterprise based at the University of Exeter. Enactus is a community of students making a positive difference in the world around them